So here’s my first blog post. I am not guaranteeing anything mind blowing, life changing, or even relatively gripping, but as a bored Seattle Seahawks fan I needed to start something to take up some of my free time.

You know, free time is an interesting thing. I have been a student non stop since I was 5 years old.. yes kindergarten. I graduated from High School and went straight onto college without even taking a semester off. Becuase of this, anyone that knows me closely had the “pleasure” of dealing with me gripe on an almost daily basis about my severe lack of free time. As they would talk about all of the fun things they were doing, or hobbies they were partaking in I would respond with “Gosh, I’m so jealous! If only I had free time, I would love to do that!” Hmm.. well flashing forward too today, I am a proud college graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting, a job that is helping me gain hands on Accounting experience, and an abundance of free time. Now that I have all of this free time, I came to the somewhat depressing realization that I have absolutely NO hobbies other than being a crazed 12th man Seahawks Fan. As I’m sure all of you know, the Seahawks are done for this season, Jim Harbaugh and his equally unappealing 49ers football team are going to the Superbowl, and I’m left with nothing to expend my energy on. So here we are.. I always said I wanted to start a blog, so I’m making an effort to do so.

The thing I want to write about today is my love for Russell Wilson. Yes, I know.. people talk about this all the time and to some, it may be getting old. Not to me. Being a born and raised Pacific Northwest girl, and a part of a family that loves all Seattle Sports teams (except the Storm), I learned from an early age to accept let downs and the fact that our teams just don’t win championships. Period. We aren’t New England (Thank God for that, I hate Boston), we aren’t Pittsburgh, our teams don’t have so many superbowl rings that they are practically running out of fingers to hold them. Instead we are a city with a dismal Mariners Baseball team that although I think has promise, literally has taken years off my life having to endure watching them over the past 7 or 8 years. We are a city that has no Super Sonics (Although that looks as if it might be changing) and if you’re like me, have boycotted the NBA for the last 5 years in utter disgust over the fact that our beloved Sonics become the Thunder and started immediately whooping ass. So to be able to say that we are a city that FINALLY has found what we believe to be our franchise quarterback, the 75th pick overall that was just “too short” and compared to Seneca Wallace (Really?!, Thanks Gruden.) when he was drafted, makes me incredibly optimistic about the future. I truly believe in Russell Wilson and not only because of his incredible work ethic, or his amazing natural athletic ability, but because he leads this team of young athletes in such a way that they KNOW when he is on the field, we have a shot to win every game. With the draft picks and free agency to look forward too, this team led by the QB that deserves to be rookie of the year, is going to be a force for many years to come.

You have to start somewhere


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